Why use the Cap'n

The idea behind the Cap'n is to make sharing git hooks with your team easier. Whether you already use git hooks or you are starting from scratch the Cap'n got you covered. Integrating existing hook scripts is equally simple as writing your first custom commit message validation rule. You can listen to all git hook events and use included functionality or write your own.

To better understand the Captain's capabilities you can have a look at the Captain's favorite hooks.

How does the Cap'n compare to other great tools like GrumPHP

Compared to GrumPHP the Cap'n is more some kind of workflow tool instead of a local CI. GrumPHP focuses on quality tools and on hooks like pre-commit and commit-message The Cap'n can basically do the same, but you would have to do more configuration work by yourself.

The Cap'n however can utilize other hooks as well and is much easier to customize. With hooks like pre-push, post-merge, post-rewrite and prepare-commit-message you can do way more than just checking your code quality and your commit messages. Here are some ideas people realized with the Cap'n.